Shark Seats on the Landrover BAR Chase boat – Americas Cup

We outfitted the Landrover BAR chase boat with 6 XTRA type Shark Jockey suspension seats to keep the team safe and comfortable while doing 40+ knots in rough...

Shark Seating on the Breakfast TV Show

Shark Seating appears on national television on the Breakfast show with an explanation of wave impact injuries and how the problem is being solved. Every year, boat users are being injured by wave impacts, the use of Shark suspension seats prevents these...
A Re-Think On Impact Protection

A Re-Think On Impact Protection

A Re-Think On Impact Protection Wave impacts put strain on the musculoskeletal structures in the body injuring boat users every year, whether standing or sitting and whether the impact is vertical or horizontal. The resulting strain on disks, vertebrae and soft tissue...

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