Can any part of it be stowed to make more room?

Yes, if you choose the rail mounted plinth option, you can slide or completely remove the entire seat in under 20 seconds.

What G force is the suspension rated for?

Our suspensions with 225mm travel, are tested and rated for 1 Million 10G, 0.1 second impacts.

What height is the suspension and plinth unit?

The suspension height is 450mm, and we supply different types of plinth with the height addition to the suspension from 175mm to 275mm. Be aware that the suspension can be used without the plinth.

Can it be adjusted for my weight?

Interestingly, self adjusting shocks without user adjustment provided better performance in our target weight range of 40 and 120kg than those with user adjustment. Additionally shocks with user adjustment are often set too soft causing severe injury in the occurrence of a bottoming event.
Our stainless steel shock is self adjusting and very non-linear meaning that the top portion of the travel is soft, and quickly becomes firmer as more of the travel is used, so that no bottoming occurs and occupants of different weights can simply use it without adjustments. The suspension works best for passengers between 40kg and 120kg, if you are outside this range please contact Shark directly for a custom tuned shock absorber.

How much will it cost?

Because Shark has invested in high-tech mass production techniques, we can deliver world-beating performance and quality at cutting-edge prices (25% lower than previous types). The larger the quantity, the more efficient our manufacturing becomes. Please contact us for a free quote for your application.

What warranty do you offer?

All Shark equipment comes with a 3 year global manufacturers warranty. If you are outside this period, spare parts can be purchased at low cost.

Which way around does it mount?

Mount the suspension with the faceplate facing aft. The plinth portal will be facing forward.

Where are they made?

Christchurch, New Zealand.

Can you store anything inside the plinth?

The plinth provides dry storage for small objects such as battery packs to power any on-seat equipment.

Are the seats resistant to corrosion, UV and high or low temperatures?

Wherever possible we offer materials which are immune to corrosion (marine-grade stainless steel for shock absorber / fasteners and Flexanite(R) for other parts which is UV stabilised and impact rated from -30C to 50C.

Can I just buy the suspension and fit my own seat?

Yes, almost any seat can fit our suspension which has a choice of 24 mounting holes to suit all common bolt spacings.

How is the suspension mounted to the deck?

The plinth or suspension is normally bolted to the deck with a minimum of 8 M8 or 5/16″ bolts which are hidden from view.  A quick release and slide system is also available, as well as a range of aluminum plinths which can be welded to the deck.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

Clean the seat and suspension with a damp cloth regularly. Avoid and sand and salt build-up on moving parts. Check the shock absorber regularly for oil leaks. Please refer to the Operational Info page on this website for more details.

Can I mount the suspension on a storage cabinet or other structure?

Yes, provided that the structure is capable of withstanding 3 times your weight and is itself ruggedly attached to the boat.