Wave impacts put strain on the musculoskeletal structures in the body injuring boat users every year, whether standing or sitting and whether the impact is vertical or horizontal. The resulting strain on disks, vertebrae and soft tissue are the leading causes of back pain.

Tour boats need wave impact protection the most as they are responsible for the well-being of all passengers on board. Passengers are commonly seated at the front of the boat where impacts are the harshest. However if the skippers are the only ones who have suspension seating, this can make the risk of spinal injury much higher. The reason for this is because skippers at the back of the boat experience far less harsh impacts because of where they are located. They may feel more comfortable at higher speeds versus the passengers at the front that will be taking intense impacts without wave impact protection. This stresses the importance for tour boats to use impact protection not only for the operators, but the passengers too.

Shark exists to protect people from these ongoing injuries by flexing and absorbing energy in all directions. Life tested for reliability to 1 million full impacts, performance tested to exceed the most stringent military standards, and self adjusting to user weight, our aim is to keep you on your game with the best protection on the water.