Jet boats aren’t usually seen as candidates for suspension seating, but why not? These boats are designed for shallow water where propellor powered boats would hit the river bed. The types of waters jet boats face especially in New Zealand are fast rapids, shallow rocky areas in lakes and rivers. Below are some videos of the crazy stuff jet boats do.

Jet boats aren’t designed for large waves, but they have the power to tackle white caps and some choppy conditions. Tackling impacts with passengers being very low to the deck means even smaller wave impacts can feel quite unpleasant. As jet boats are primarily driven in shallow waters, this means there is the possibility to hit rocks and river beds which cause damaging jolts to the people on board.  The suspension seats seen on the market today are usually far too large and heavy for Jet boats when a lightweight and low centre of gravity solution is needed.

With the introduction of FLEXPOD, it’s lightweight and low profile nature makes it a perfect candidate for jet boat owners. Without wave impacts hurting your back, you are even able to travel faster without discomfort. Our FOLD seat is a great companion to FLEXPOD as it is also very light and can be folded down to fit covers. Available in black or white. 

Do you already have a seat that you prefer? Thats no problem! Most 3rd party seats are able to be fitted to FLEXPOD so you can have the benefits of shock mitigation on your favourite seat.