Here are some reasons we believe the jockey seat is safer and more comfortable than a traditional chair to mount to your suspension boat seat.

  • An ordinary seat with your feet forward encourages sloppy posture called “slouch”, “flatback “ or “lumbar kyphosis” of the lumbar spine. (as shown in the picture above). However, the jockey seat allows your back to retain its normal “S curve”, and it also allows you to position your feet below your hips like you would on a bike.

motobike seating position

  • With your feet below your hips you are able to stabilise your upper body movements. This means normal reflex responses still work
  • You are able to feel the boats movements with your feet and control it better
  • Your feet are on the deck rather than up on a footrest, so you can move from sitting to standing instantly
  • Your eye height while seated is only a few inches lower than standing. This allows you to see out of the boat much more clearly
  • When you stand up, you won’t need to slide the seat backward. It will be exactly in the right position to clench onto the pommel
  • If a wave knocks you off your feet while standing, the seat catches you instantly and intuitively. People usually adapt to sitting and give up standing. This happens as they trust the seat and the suspension more
  • People who miss lounging in the seat can easily upgrade to the Luxe version which has arms and back extension that can simply bolt on to any of our seats
  • The pommel in the front of the seat gives you something to cling onto without using your arms, making you very stable and less likely to get thrown out of your seat. This means that your arms tend to relax and you can use your hands to control the boat rather than to hang onto things

Seat animation