The need for shock mitigation seat (suspension seat) depends on the hull – the truth of the matter is the flatter and faster the hull, the more likely that you require suspension.
It makes sense that high performance boats with flat hulls require high performance boat seats. This describes most RIBS available today which easily travel faster than 30 knots and the upper echelon even exceed 70 knots.

Shark seating system combine the ultra smooth ride needed on recreational craft with the hard-core travel and endurance needed by the extreme users. So it comes as no surprise that Shark seats have been chosen for the latest chase boats by Oracle, Ben Ainslie Racing and Team Japan. But even for the average boat owner traveling at lower speeds, there are often situations where serious wave slams occur, a weather change, crossing a bar, a rogue wave and so on. In these situations, the impact force on the spine could be 6G without a suspension and a travel of 200mm is needed to absorb impacts that large. Make sure when you shop for a suspension seat that it has more than 150mm of fully-compressed travel and preferably 200mm – your back will thank you for it!