Shark Suspension Seats for boat

Did you realize the force of a boat coming off a wave can often be up to 10G which can result in body fatigue and injury?

Take one look at the Shark suspension seat and you see it right away… Only one moving part (the shock absorber) mounted to two rugged but elegant injection-molded leaf-springs with a massive 7-7/8inch (200mm) of vertical movement without any of the sharp edges or pinch points that are found on other suspensions. There is also nothing to rust, no coatings to peel, just hi-tech UV-protected Flexanite with color that is all the way through.

The unique “FLEX” design absorbs impacts in all three axes… handy, because waves don’t just pitch straight up and down! Flexanite composite plastic makes the Shark Flex system VERY light, yet robust, with minimal maintenance needed.

Shark FLEX suspension base has been tested to withstand over one million 10G impacts of more than 100ms duration at 264lbs (120kgs) payloads and the entire system complies to test protocols defined by the UK and US military.

Despite this ruggedness, Shark marine suspension seat system provides a supple ride – the softest available, like “riding on a big marshmallow!”