Patented Shark suspension unit
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Shark EPIC
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Shark is the most affordable, comfortable and safe option compared to other coastal off-shore shock mitigating seats.

Affordable and simply beautiful

Our sleek design is formed in a plastic injection mold that provides us with the perfect result consistently. This investment in the design and molding process ensures the best quality and affordability for you, the customer. Regular boat suspension seats which use a scissor action design just can’t reach the levels of travel, comfort and safety inherent in the Shark 3-axis design. Our huge commitment to design, safety¬† and material quality is what makes us special, Shark shock mitigation seats are more than a functional tool to save your back, they look great while doing it too.


Shark is one of the few suspension seats for boats that features a 225mm vertical travel. This leads to a huge advantage in performance and comfort over other suspension seats which have 150mm or less vertical travel. Alongside this, our suspensions feature Flex technology. Shark Flex is the only suspension to protect against sideways and fore-aft impacts, a commonly overlooked feature that is necessary when bouncing over the waves.


Our seats are made to last, ensuring your safety is first. This is why we test our suspensions to 1 million impacts at 10G to make sure they stay tough when the seas are rough. Over the past 7 years our seats have provided protection in incredibly demanding environments, including the Arctic, Asia, North America, Europe and the Pacific Islands. This success is a result of quality testing and best materials.