In 2016 Shark seats were tested at a UK MOD facility (RAFCAM) for shock mitigation performance. The testing includes very severe drop tests such as the 1 metre drop into a sandbox as shown in this video.  This drop represents a 10G impact from a RHIB  flying over a 1 metre wave at high speed with a 100kg passenger aboard.  To make this test even harsher, the dummy passengers legs dangle so that all his 100kg weight bears on the seat during impact. In testing standards it is normal to rate this as equivalent to the impact from a human being 30% heavier (or 130kg).  This is the basis upon which shark rates its suspension to passengers up to at least 120kg for impacts up to 10G.  As far as we are aware, shark is the only shock mitigating boat seat manufacturer to publish such a rating for its suspensions and the only manufacturer to publish this video evidence.