• Extra comfort fully waterproof stretch fit (stitchless) neoprene (UV protected, but do not store in direct sun).
  • EAF (Energy Absorbing Foam).
  • 200mm Non-linear ULTRA-SMOOTH travel (no weight adjustments needed between 40kg and 120kg).
  • Less fatigue from 3 axis shock mitigation for reduced whiplash from lateral and fore-aft forces.
  • Non-corroding 316 stainless, polycarbonate, foam, and Flexanite.
  • Super low maintenance – See Operational info.
  • Tested 1 Million full 10g impacts (200mm displacement, 100ms duration, 100kg payload).
  • Crash tested to HSC2000 Annex 10 requirements.
  • 3 year global Manufacturers Warranty on all parts
  • Lab tested to outperform well known European brand (See report here).
  • Light weight and easy one man installation.
  • Easily repairable (shock can be replaced in under 2 minutes by one person).
  • Comes with Rear grab handle, Folding Armrest, and Headrest extension by default

If you need part or accessory separately or any special requirement, please inquire here.

The Shark LUXE seat is used on high speed craft when added comfort and style are required. The fully waterproof neoprene upholstery is coupled with EAF (Energy Absorbing Foam), which provides extra padding and is very comfortable. LUXE also comes default with the plinth unit and seating height can be 770mm unloaded.The headrest and folding armrests provide comfort for extended use and operator comfort.

Luxe brochure

Luxe technical dimensions
LUXE front view

Front view of LUXE suspension seat with full options



LUXE back view

Back view of LUXE suspension seat with full options

Product brochures

Shark Luxe

Shark Luxe-PRO