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can standing lead to injury in rough conditions?
with your back, one mistake can cause you chronic pain for the rest of your life.  Standing is instinctive in rough conditions, but you can easily go through your knees during a big slam, or accidentally lock the knees, which transfers the full force (up to 10G) directly to your spine causing serious and permanent injury.  Navy and rescue services know this.. their crew tire less and act safer when they are seated on Shark suspension.
what G force is the suspension rated for?
our seats with 200mm shocks are tested and rated for 10G, 0.1 second impacts. Lowered suspensions are available which are rated to 5G.
What height is the suspension?
The standard height is 420mm (plus 200mm for the plinth) although we also have adjustable and lowered versions. The lowered version is 320mm high and the adjustable version ranges from 390mm to 470mm tall.  If you add the seat thickness and the plinth heights available, then the seated height can range from 400mm to 800mm.
Can it be adjusted for my weight?
our stainless steel suspension is self adjusting and works best for passengers between 40kg and 127kg in weight. The Fox Float suspension can be set to different pressure (from 0 psi to 100psi) to make the suspension firmer or softer to suit your preference.  It is also height adjustable by up to 80mm.
How much will it cost?
Because Shark has invested in high-tech mass production techniques, we can deliver world-beating performance and quality at cutting-edge prices (25% lower than previous types). The larger the quantity, the more efficient our manufacturing becomes. Please contact us for a free quote for your application.
What warranty do you offer?
Our suspensions come with a 2 year or 1000 engine-hour warranty, whichever comes first.
Which way around does it mount?
our suspensions can face either way.. this means we can also supply it with a lockable swivel.  You can choose whether the suspension nameplate faces backwards or forwards to suit your floorspace.  We provide installation instructions for best positioning of the seat at the helm and use of the adjustments.
Where are they made?
Our suspensions and jockey seats are made in Christchurch New Zealand.
can you store anything inside the plinth?
the plinth provides dry storage for small objects such as battery packs to power any on-seat equipment.
Are the seats resistant to corrosion, UV and high or low temperatures?
wherever possible we offer materials which are immune to corrosion (marine-grade stainless steel for shock absorber/fasteners and Flexanite(R) for other parts which is UV stabilised and impact rated from -30C to 50C. Helm seats are powder-coated steel.  Fox float shock-absorber bodies are anodised aluminium.
can I just buy the suspension and fit my own seat?
yes, practically any seat can fit our suspension which has a choice of 24 mounting holes to suit all common bolt spacings.
How is the suspension mounted to the deck?
the plinth or suspension is normally bolted to the deck with a minimum of 8 M* or 5/16″bolts which are hidden from view.  A quick release and slide system is also now available, as well as a range of aluminum plinths which can be welded to the deck.
What kind of maintenance is needed?
clean the seat and suspension with a damp cloth regularly. Avoid and sand and salt build-up on moving parts. Check the shock absorber regularly that it travels the correct amount and has not developed a leak.
can I mount the suspension on a storage cabinet or other structure
yes, provided that the structure is capable of withstanding 3 times your weight and is itself ruggedly attached to the boat.
can any part of it be hinged or stowed to make more room?
yes, the helm seat-back can flip forward and down.. and also if you choose the seat-slide option, you can stow any seat type forward or rearward to increase floor-space.

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