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  • Does not include hand grips by default, otherwise identical to ULTRA (see here) with the addition of:
  • XTRA comfort fully waterproof stretch fit (stitchless) neoprene (UV protected, but do not store in direct sun).
  • EAF (Energy Absorbing Foam).
  • Light at only 16kg total.
  • 720 or 770mm high unloaded, you choose.
  • Engineered to accept varying height occupants 155cm – 200cm+.
  • Plinth unit – small footprint (238mm x 320mm).
  • Seats bolt to deck or adapter plate with 8 bolts (minimum) see operational info.



Shark XTRA Jockey Suspension Seat

The Shark XTRA seat is used on high speed craft when added comfort and style are required. The fully waterproof neoprene upholstery is coupled with EAF (Energy Absorbing Foam), which provides extra padding and is very comfortable. XTRA also comes default with the plinth unit and seating height can be 720 or 770mm unloaded depending on your requirement.



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