Our customers sometimes ask: ”Can I retain my pedestal mount or do I need to replace it with a Shark plinth?”.  The good news here is that Shark Suspension has industry standard holes spacing’s on top and on the bottom.  This means you can mount it to industry-standard swivels above or below the suspension and it means that if you have a low enough pedestal you can put Shark Suspension on top!  Here is some feedback from a customer who did just that 5 years ago and is still enjoying the smooth ride: 

“We are a couple of over 65’s and fish the Inner Hauraki
Gulf from our 5.8 metre alloy pontoon hardtop on a weekly basis, year round. A
few months back we bought and fitted a pair of Shark Suspensions. Best thing we
ever did! They are brilliant, adding a degree of comfort that we never thought possible.
Whether it’s a small chop or a metre sea, the lack of jarring has us fresh as a
daisy back at the ramp. More importantly, gone are the sore backs we used to
have for days after those lumpier days on the water.

We initially held off on buying, concerned that while the
suspension work OK in the bigger sea, they might not soak up the tiring jarring
from the smaller chop. However, we needn’t have been concerned as the
suspensions eliminate the jarring throughout the range.

They are in a totally different league to our previous
pedestal type shock absorbing seats. Gone are the two annoying issues with
those, the double bounce “ejector seat” effect and the punishing double force
impact from two waves close together.

As a bonus we now travel a few knots faster than previous in
bigger seas without being punished and are able to maintain more economical speeds.
The suspensions are so good that we simply relax back into our basic moulded
plastic seats with their thin squabs and off we go and enjoy the ride.

Should we ever decide to buy another boat it is given that it will be fitted with the Shark Suspensions. Brilliant products and we highly recommend it.”

Linda and John Forrest, Hillsborough