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  1. Michael Halsey

    I dealt with Dan and everything went smoothly, back when I bought from Shark did not have base near me, but communications and the install was easy and smooth. I recommend them for their professionalism and great support.

    The Jockey style seat was the one that Dan recommends for most people because it combines the advantages of standing and sitting and it is really easy to cling to with your legs during rough seas or unexpected impacts.I also opted for the side-support bolsters because with my old seat I almost got thrown out sideways once.

    The jockey seat has been brilliant… I would never have thought of getting such a seat before, but now I would not want to give it up even if I was in perfect health .. it is just so much safer and more comfortable than standing or sitting in anything else.

    The Shark suspension system is unlike anything available in our market today… the travel is ample (200mm) which I will never get close to bottoming out. It also flexes in every direction which has saved me on a couple of occasions from side-impacts as well as up and down.

    The suspension appears to accept just about any seat on the market as it flat on top and has a vast array of holes for mounting all the available bolt patterns, but that said, I don’t think any seat could improve on the safety,
    security and comfort of the Jockey seat.

    I’d be happy for anyone in my area to call me and take a look at the seat (Marcoola QLD). I will tell them first hand about it (just ask Shark for my details).


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