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Shark In Action

Shark seats on Carbotech GT


Shark seats at the Americas Cup

Shark seat vs standard seat

Many seating products have either no impact protection or inadequate protection in the vertical direction. This can cause serious chronic musculoskeletal injury. Shark seating systems are designed to be safer, more reliable and more comfortable.

Furthermore, you can see here that the Jockey seat system provides excellent lateral support, which goes hand in hand with the suspensions ability to provide lateral impact protection. Many so called "suspension seats" only protect from vertical impacts and lack this key safety feature.

Shark seat vs standing up

Standing at low speed can ease discomfort, however at higher speeds huge forces are transferred through the body which can cause serious musculoskeletal injuries. Note at one point the standing occupant becomes momentarily airborn and receives a huge impact through the body (even at the rear of the boat - where the forces are much less than at the front). At these times the muscles tense very tightly and injuries often occur. It is key to implement the proper equipment before chronic injuries develop.

Matt Watson from the ITM Fishing show using Shark Seating

Shark seating on TV1 Breakfast Show