Performance Results

Here you will find:


1. Shark UK MOD Protocol 1 drop test results.

2. A comparison with an industry standard seat.


Below is an example of a drop test used to generate the graphs
on the right. The red line represents how many g's the deck of
the boat is experiencing while the blue line displays how many
g's the occupant is experiencing.

Shark has an average VDV (between 40kg, 70kg, and 100kg
occupants) of 58%. Other manufacturers should have VDV
values for you to compare.

This VDV value translates to being able to spend 10 times
as long on the water before the same vibration dose is reached
without suspension seats.





shark droptest 40kg 10G 225016 66pc

shark droptest 70kg 10G 225128 59pc


shark droptest 100kg 10G 225343 52pc








This table shows the results of testing an
industry standard seat and a Shark Jockey seat.
For a given weight and impact force in g's
the resulting VDV is shown. The lower the
VDV the less force is entering your body.
The scientific method of testing is laid
out in the paper below.