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Shark susp 1




1. Bottoming out and force amplification

A bottoming boat suspension seat can transfer shock
waves into your body with greater impact than having no
suspension at all. It is critical to know your boat seat
will not bottom.

2. Lateral and fore-aft forces

Have you ever felt thrown to the side in a boat? Lateral
forces and fore-aft forces mean you need lateral and
fore-aft protection NOT just vertical protection.

3. The force profile of your suspension seat

A wave shock impact is like falling onto a concrete
floor. Some boat suspension seats will provide a soft
landing (low forces) and others a hard landing
(high forces).Ideally you want low forces but be aware
that bottoming is more likely.

The VDV or Vibration Dose Value is an internationally
recognized metric for measuring how much force is being
transmitted into your body. Make sure that your seat
manufacturer is open and shows their results.




1. Serviceability, adjustability and customization

All marine suspension seats need servicing, for
example to change shock absorbers. Many are also
retrofitted with adjustments such as swivels and
sliders, or height adjusters. Some seats require
total disassembly for these changes, others don't.
Some seats with many parts are extremely tiresome
to service.

2. Space and weight efficiency

Seats that allow more room on board increase
general usability greatly. You have probably
experienced a cluttered work space. Weight
efficient means less fuel, faster acceleration,
and one man installation and servicing.

3. Livability

Livability factors are smaller but no less
important. Are there any pinch points?
Can you operate the suspension seat with gloves,
in bad weather? Are there snag points or tripping
hazards? Can you still walk after three hours
in rough seas?


Jockey seat 1



1. How well is it built?

Some suspension seating is over-engineered, and
as a result is cumbersome, with many things
that can go wrong. Simplicity is often synonymous
with reliability and can save a lot of time and
money when servicing and replacing parts. A
complex system not only requires many more spare
parts but often needs them more often due to
reliability issues. Also, be certain the materials
used will not corrode.

2. How well is it tested?

Some boat suspension seats are tested for reliability
with in-laboratory life testing and sea trials.
The International High Speed Craft Code outlines
strength tests to ensure suspension boat seats will
not break away from the deck or otherwise fail under
typical loading. Be sure your seat is safe and
meets this standard (HSC2000 Annex 10).


Shark seats are designed by these principles. See below.


  • Shark seats utilize two leaf springs that are non-linear (become stiffer with more compression) to prevent bottoming out.
  • The springs flex in 3 directions to give you the lateral and fore aft protection you need. This is important because wave impacts are often not purely vertical.
  • Designed to be movable, serviceable & customizable in situ by one person.
  • Built from 316 marine grade stainless steel and composite.
  • A 300 x 380mm footprint so that you will have more space available on board.
  • Shark seats are designed to be simple. A 16kg Jockey system for example means more acceleration and less roll (due to less weight on board)
  • Shark seats are designed to be very strong and surpass the HSC2000 strength requirements.
  • The suspension unit has only 3 unique parts which means suspension servicing is streamlined.
  • The suspension unit is life tested to 1 Million full 10G impacts. This takes 2 weeks of constant slamming and annoys everyone in the building.




Shark boat suspension seat exploded view


“It’s like floating on a cloud!”

Matt Watson, ITM Fishing show


“Went out Sunday in ½ - 1m swells

which for the lake is rough. Bloody

brilliant is all I can say. 40 knots

head on and we were all comfortable

even went full noise 48 knots no

problems. Usually we are doing

30 knots and getting smashed!

MPI Marlborough love the seats &

intend to get them on their new build”

Allan Turia, Turangi Coastguard


“They are in a totally different league

to our previous pedestal type seats.

Gone are the sore backs we used to

have for days after those lumpier

days on the water. A brilliant product 

and we would highly recommend it."

Linda & John Forrest, Hillsborough

“I am very glad I made the decision to

go to the “Shark” seat, as hammering

your spinal area over a period of time

sure as hell is not good.”

Russ Hawkins, Fatboy Charters


“The seats absorb the spine

compressing impacts of choppy and

rough seas, enabling the boat to get

where it is going faster, more

efficiently and without the crewman


Renny Bishop, Canterbury University


"Everyone loved the seats performance

thanks to the Shark suspension"

Warrick Yeoman, Northsea boats


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